7 New Farm Boy Products We’re Loving This Fall

These vegan peanut butter cookies are going to be your go-to snack this season.

Farm Boy, the Ottawa-based grocery store chain, is Canada’s answer to Trader Joe’s. Though the chain focuses on produce, fresh meat and ready-made hot food, Farm Boy is also known for their in-house brand, which includes everything from pickles to dried pasta to cookies.

We at Chatelaine have been slowly eating our way through Farm Boy’s new products for fall. Here are seven of our favourite new foods from the house label.

Farm Boy Cashew Butter in its jar.

(Photo: Farm Boy)

Cashew Butter

Not only is this smooth cashew butter a yummy alternative to peanut butter, the only ingredients are dry roasted cashews and sunflower oil! This nut butter is the perfect healthy hearty spread for toast or crackers, and can be used in dressing and baked goods, too. $10.

Farm Boy red lentil and beet rotini in its packaging.

(Photo: Farm Boy)

Red Lentil and Beet Rotini

This dry rotini, made with red lentil flour and beet flour, has a unique deep red hue that becomes a pleasant pink when cooked. Though the texture of the pasta was a little on the chewier side—it’s difficult to find a gluten-free pasta that has that “bouncy” al dente texture)—it tasted entirely like normal pasta and nothing like lentils and beets. It’s also chock-full of protein (20g per serving!). $7

Farm Boy chorizo bites in its packaging.

(Photo: Farm Boy)

Chorizo Bites

These bite-sized pieces of Spanish chorizo are the perfect spicy-and-salty snack. Flavoured with paprika and garlic, these mini sausages taste just as good as the real deal. The chorizo bites would also fit in nicely as part of a cheese plate.$6

Farm Boy Sauerkraut with carrots.

(Photo: Farm Boy)

Sauerkraut with Carrots

Fermented foods are super hot right now (see also: the rise of kombucha) because they contain essential probiotics that are great for gut health. This sauerkraut adds carrots for a milder flavour and it’s perfect as a side, a crunchy salad addition or in a sandwich.$3

Farm Boy muffuletta spread in jar.

(Photo: Farm Boy)

Spicy Muffuletta Spread

If you’re a fan of olives and hot peppers, you’ll be a fan of this spicy muffuletta. Made from pickled veggies, olives and hot peppers, it’s a great salad topper, sandwich topping, omelette filling and more.

Farm Boy pecan butter tarts in packaging.

(Photo: Farm Boy)

Pecan Butter Tarts

Farm Boy now makes this classic Canadian dessert! Delectably gooey in the middle, with a satisfying crumbly crust, these butter tarts are a must-have in your snack drawer this fall.

Farm Boy vegan peanut butter cookies

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

Aside from being vegan and gluten-free, these peanut butter cookies are equal parts crumbly, crispy, chewy and moist. Everyone in our office, even the non-vegans, were hitting my desk up for an afternoon snack. Plus, the balanced sweet-and-saltiness of these cookies would be perfect with a scoop of vanilla ice cream—vegan or otherwise—sandwiched in between. (Let’s hold onto summer for as long as we can, okay?) $6