10 Ready-To-Drink Cold Brew Coffees For A Refreshing Caffeine Fix

Local producers across the country are creating carefully crafted brews for on-the-go sipping — and we want to try them all.

Bottled cold brew coffee: Dark Horse Coffee

Bottled cold brew coffee from Toronto’s Dark Horse Espresso Bar.

Cold brew has been busily shedding its old look: moving from clear to-go cups to decorative cans and elegantly designed bottles, these carefully crafted drinks also tap a range of flavours from classic black to sparkling, flavoured and nitrogen-infused.

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Typically brewed in cool water overnight to extract the desired smooth, sweet flavours with minimum bitterness — the drink has been a mainstream hit for years, and big brands like Starbucks have rolled out new styles yearly, most recently moving to nitrogen taps that give each cup a layered, stout-like effect.

Since cold brew began gracing the counters of coffee shops across the country, there has also been a fast-growing market of ready-to-drink cans and bottled concentrates hitting the shelves. From artful cans you can order online, to the Canadian-made products available locally and coast to coast, here are 10 brews we’re eying up as the work-week gets underway:

Smooth fuel

Based out of Toronto, Station Cold Brew Coffee Co. sells these perfectly packaged regular and nitro cold brews — laced with chicory to balance bitterness — in select provinces across Canada.

Station canned cold brew coffee cans and bottles

Station Cold Brew Coffee Co.

Coconut Nitro

Smooth and sweet, one of the latest offerings from Station Cold Brew Coffee Co. is a refreshingly light and coconutty way to beat the heat.

Coconut Station Cold Brew Coffee Can

Station Cold Brew Coffee Co.

Cooly carbonated

Victoria, B.C. coffee spot, Fernwood Coffee Co., sells their own blend of naturally sweet, crisp and carbonated (!) cold brew in-store and online.

Fernwood Coffee - Cold Brew Coffee Cans

Fernwood Coffee Co.

Organic single-origin

Produced out of Toronto (in one of the largest cold brew coffee factories in North America) is a twice-filtered, on-the-go bottle that’s available in select provinces across Canada.

hatch_bottled cold brew coffee


Flavoured brew

Two Bears Cold Brew Coffee Co. (based out of Toronto) shelves both this sweet and smooth original cold brew, as well as sweeter brews like Hazelnut Sea Salt, Maple Pecan, Mint Chocolate and Sweet Cacao. Available in 300 locations across Canada.

Two Bears Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Two Bears Cold Brew Coffee Co.

Rich and creamy

Toronto hotspot Pilot Coffee Roasters stocks a carefully canned brew, packaged in “the ideal cold brew serving size” so you can enjoy every last smooth and effervescent sip. Currently available across Ontario and in Montreal.

Pilot-Cold Brew Coffee cans - Pilot coffee roasters

Pilot Coffee Roasters.

Blue Mountain Brew

“Bold, smooth and sweet,” Jamaica Blue Coffee Co.‘s cold brew (currently selling across B.C.) is steeped for over 24 hours before filtration, and packaged in both concentrate and ready-to-drink formats.

Jamaica Blue Cold Brew Coffee cans

Jamaica Blue Coffee Co.

The Dark Horse

24-hour cold brew drip siphons produce this Toronto-favourite coffee shop’s to-go brew. Find it at Dark Horse Espresso Bars across Toronto.

cold brew coffee dark-horse

Dark Horse Espresso Bar.


Blackbird Cold Brew Coffee Co. in Calgary produces beautiful bottles of cold brewed java. “A smooth and flavourful taste, with even more caffeine than usual.” Sign us up!

2-pack-coffee-concentrate-black-bird cold brew coffee co

Blackbird Cold Brew Coffee Co.

Coastal brew

Low Point Coffee Co. has spots around Nova Scotia retailing the locally made ready-to-drink brew. With with low acidity and notes of “chocolate, cherry and wine” this is another small-batch brew we’re dying to try.

low point coffee bottled cold brew

Low Point Coffee Co.

If you prefer to get your caffeine fix with your own beans, try making your own cold brew concentrate at home. It’s incredibly simple: all you need is a sealable jar or container, ground coffee, water and a coffee filter. Watch how it’s done: