Incredible latte art brings Van Gogh (and E.T.) into your coffee cup

In just 15 minutes this barista can take your latte to a whole new level.

Fancy a side of Van Gogh with your morning latte?  Skip the MoMA and head to Seoul, South Korea where 26-year-old barista Lee Kang-bin turns lattes into works of art at his coffee shop C. Through. Kang-bin started creating the pieces at the request of his customers. Using thick cream dyed with food colouring and tiny brushes, each ‘Creamart’ piece takes around 15 minutes to make and retails for just under $9 US.

This latte connoisseur doesn’t limit his creations to just post-impressionistic art either, he also does freakishly accurate renditions of Disney characters and celebrity portraits. (In case you prefer your morning coffee adorned with Leonardo Di Caprio’s face.)

Though he has no formal training, Kang-bin’s unique talent can’t be denied. See a video of him creating his masterpieces here. And check out 5 more of his mind-blowing latte art below.

1. Beauty and the Beast.

2. E.T.

3. Leonardo Di Caprio.

4. Under the sea.

5. Edgar Degas.

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