9 Homemade Chip Dip Recipes To Up Your Snack Game

Get into these chip dips.

Until recently, when it came to chips, I couldn’t be bothered with dip—or sometimes even a bowl. Ninety-five percent of the time chips meant an open bag of Miss Vickie’s Original or Covered Bridge Creamy Dill Pickle and a movie, maybe with soup leftovers or a soft-boiled egg yolk.

Then about a year ago, a former co-worker shared a beloved two-ingredient recipe: a cup of sour cream with a single packet of Uncle Dan’s powdered ranch seasoning, maybe with a few chopped scallions mixed in. “It goes with everything,” he promised, and he was right.  And a couple of weeks ago, another from fellow Chatelaine bud Denise Balkissoon, the magazine’s executive editor: a mix of caramelized onions, chives, lemon, salt and sour cream.

Clearly, I’ve been missing out. If you’ve been, too, we’ve got a huge catalogue of dip recipes that can dress almost any of your favourite flavour. Here’s nine of our best.