How To Build The Ultimate Snack Pack

Why choose between sweet and savoury?

1. The chip: Plain, no ridges, lightly salted.

2. The fish: Tinned fish—such as Italian tuna or smoked trout— is phenomenal on those plain chips and gives a Mediterranean vibe. (Take a bite, then sip on something fizzy.)

3. The dip: Classic hummus or white bean dip.

4. The veg: Think crunchy and interesting: juicy wedges of fennel, peppery radishes or sweet snap peas.

5. The meat: A quality dry-cured salami. Slice with a sharp pocket knife as you eat (no sweaty cold cuts, please).

6. The cheese: One herbed, creamy and spreadable, and one salty and hard, like Beemster or parm.

7. The extras: Salted, crunchy corn nuts; pickled beans; or fat green olives (one word: Castelvetrano). For sweet, pack a little jar of jam or spicy honey (and your tiniest spoon).

8. The bread: Focaccia is everything— crispy-oily outside and pillowy-chewy inside. Good baguette runs a close second.

9. The fun: Sour candies or chocolate-covered biscuit sticks (because your box, naturally, needs dessert).

10. On the side: Pack cubed watermelon in a resealable plastic bag and stash it inside another resealable bag filled with ice.

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