What’s The Best Supermarket Eggnog Available In Canada?

We rank seven widely-available eggnog brands on flavour, texture, and coffee compatibility.

Two small glasses of a cream coloured eggnog with a cinnamon stick in each glass

(Photo: iStock)

For many, the first week of December marks a time when listening to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” on an infinite loop moves from deranged to socially acceptable behaviour and the sharp desire to bake and consume holiday cookies overtakes the brain’s executive function.

But for me, the beginning of the holiday season signals one thing and one thing alone: eggnog. Every December, I enter a fugue state in which I quaff ungodly amounts of the ovum-flavoured nectar by the carton, starting each day by pouring an enthusiastic glug into my coffee, and proceeding from there. (I will occasionally drink a small glass with a half-half mixture of whiskey and rum as an aperitif, but tend to skip the booze, preferring to savour the pure flavour of virgin nog.) My thirst for eggnog becomes unquenchable; my enjoyment of the stuff bordering on orgiastic.

But this year, my ardour was somewhat dampened after I noticed a plasticky flavour lingering in my mouth. The unwelcome aftertaste kicked off a quest to taste-test every brand of nog I could find to determine The Supreme Supermarket Nog.

The ideal eggnog should be thick but not syrupy, sweet but not cloying, and infused with a rich array of spices that twinkle like Christmas lights on my tastebuds. I sampled seven widely available eggnog brands and ranked them based on individual flavour and ability to hold their own in a cup of coffee. Here are the results.