Chatelaine Emoji App Support

Chatelaine emoji requires iOS 8 or later. To install and use Chatelaine emoji:  
  1. Go to Settings on your device.
  1. Select General, then Keyboard, then Keyboards.
  1. Tap “Add New Keyboard….”
  1. Under “Third-Party Keyboards,” choose Chatelaine emoji.
  1. Select Chatelaine emoji again. On the next screen, turn on “Allow Full Access.” You will receive an alert that granting full access allows developers to transmit what you type, but at no time will Chatelaine access, store or transmit what you type.
  1. When you want to use a Chatelaine emoji, press and hold the globe icon in your messaging app, then select Chatelaine emoji from the list that appears. Tap the emoji that you want to send and it will automatically copy. Then tap and hold in your message box and select paste. Done!

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