85th Anniversary

Highlights and bloopers from Claire's Cityline segment

Claire and Tracy Cityline

It was an epic day on Cityline today. Chatelaine celebrated its 85th birthday, and it was pretty over-the-top. Audience members won the most incredible prizes (including a trip for two anywhere Porter flies!!) and the Chatelaine team went all-out to deliver really fun content.

I showed Tracy how to decorate all of our stunning birthday cakes. She was a star and piped some beautiful rosettes on our cherry cake and made lovely dollops on our Guinness fudge cake, proving how downright easy all these decorating techniques are. I also made a delicious Pimmosa cocktail, which is the perfect brunch drink. And I showed off two of our “now” recipes — we took inspiration from Chatelaine’s amazing recipe archives and updated a few faves.

As always, there were a few hilarious live-tv moments! When I opened the sparkling wine, it exploded all over me, Tracy, and the set (did you know that when sparkling isn’t chilled, it explodes?). Then, when I tried to squeeze a lemon it squirted right in my face. Alas, the show must go on.

After we wrapped the show, everyone had a cocktail and a slice (or two) of cake, a great way to celebrate a terrific show and a major milestone.

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