Holiday hair how-to: The fishtail braid

Change up your go-to blow out with this gorgeous bohemian braid.



Change up your go-to blow out with this gorgeous bohemian braid that ruled the runways and red carpets this fall. It’s a fun and easy idea for holiday hair, and the loose, unfinished textured look is very forgiving for beginners.

Best for: Medium to long hair

Style Prep: Using your fingers, rake a texturizing spray through strands for some volume at the roots and extra grip throughout the hair.

Step 1: Collect hair at the back of your head and divide into two (not three, like a traditional braid) equal parts.

Step 2: Take a small section of hair (about one inch) from the outside of the left segment, and cross it over to merge with the inside of the right segment. This means that the right segment of hair will now be thicker than the left.

Step 3: Perform the same step on the other side: Take a small section of hair from the outside of the right segment and cross it over top to join the inside of the left segment. The two sections should be equal again.

Step 4: Remember to go from the outside to the inside of opposite strand. Continue steps two and three until you reach the end of your hair, and secure braid with an elastic.

Don’t worry if some strands have fallen out, or if the braid feels slightly uneven – it will only add to this whimsical looking hairstyle.

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