10 must-have spring items under $100

Try out this season’s hottest items without breaking the bank.



3 comments on “10 must-have spring items under $100

  1. Unforfunately, most of these must have looks less than $100 are for very young women, how about some more classic ones that don’t waste a $100 ?


  2. I love this dress, HOWEVER, I wonder why you feature clothing that must be ordered from England. There must be inexpensive clothing that is stylish and attractive that the average Canadian woman can access at home! I subscribe to Chatelaine BECAUSE it is Canadian and I’d like focus to be on Canada and Canadian arts and culture. It is refreshing to see fashion items featured that are affordable and many of us would like to see more of this!


  3. aside from the sneakers I didn’t see anything that was a “must have” for me, they are mostly ugly and farfetched and for the under 20 age group


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