12 pretty, party-ready dresses

Hit the cocktail circuit in one of these ladylike dresses. From LBDs to metallic and sequin, there’s a frock for you and for any occasion. Just add some sparkly accessories, and you’re set.


2 comments on “12 pretty, party-ready dresses

  1. Hello, I was very diappointed with the selection of “pretty” party dresses. Most of these dresses have the same basic shift-dress design and have either a round or boat-neck collar, in a slight variance of color. Really, I think there is more to “pretty” than black and black/metallic…the only dresses that stood out from the pack of boring shifts, were the yellow satiny “dance” design dress and the red ruffle dress (but even this was the basic shift with a few ruffles).
    Also, could we include a few longer dresses – say to the knee or mid-calf? Personally, I feel more elegant and pretty in a flowy longer dress.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my opinion.


    • I definitely agree with Edmontonmiss! While these dresses are pretty, my knees aren’t. Let’s cover a little bit more so we can ALL party the night away! :)


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