Luxe Christmas Eve menu

Luxuriously creamy and rich, these recipes are the perfect indulgence for Christmas Eve


Creamy lobster crepes

Creamy lobster crepes

Pea and asparagus soup

Arugula and hazelnut salad
Arugula and hazelnut salad
Our light grapefruit and greens salad makes for a refreshing, but not overly filling, pause between the appetizer and the main course.

Cranberry cocktail
Sparkling cranberry cocktail

Lemon tart
Classic lemon tart
Tart and tangy but still deliciously sweet, this impressive dessert is creamy, delicate and oh so easy!

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  1. there have been many recipes that I would love to make from your recipe collection, but there is no where that I can find to print them. I find this very frustrating as i have to copy the recipe by hand if I want to make it. Is there any way you can adjust your website so that I can print the recipes???


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