How to curl ginger snap cookies

These might some of the prettiest Christmas cookies in our collection! Get our very cool tip on how to curl these lacy biscuits.


Photo, Roberto Caruso.

It very simple, really. All you have to do is drape two to three warm cookies (or as many as will fit) side by side but not touching, over the round handle of a wooden spoon.

When cookies are done baking, have a few spoons at the ready (the recipe makes about 20 cookies), then, using your fingers, gently curl cookies tightly around the handle, forming a cigar. Gently press cookie seam to seal. When cookies are cooled, slide off spoon.

Photo by Roberto Caruso

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

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One comment on “How to curl ginger snap cookies

  1. A happy result, but no thanks to the directions. These cookies spread all over the pan as soon as the mix heated in the oven. The direction of dropping by 1 level tsp is way off. After painstakingly separating the cooked lacy pancakes I tried rolling them over the wooden spoon – never again! they flopped, they wouldn’t stick at the seams, and while cooling on the rack, my pathetic tubes collapsed on themselves. After the first batch, I just dropped half as much gooey dough on the parchment, and cooled them flat – better result. Lacy, golden cookies. They are, however, the greasiest cookies ever. After cooling, I transferred them to paper towels to sop up the grease. The resulting lacy coins are very pretty, and very tasty – think of eating a MacIntosh toffee bar. Still, way, way too much effort to get a pretty cookie. I won’t make them again.


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