How to remove corn from the cob quickly and easily

Keeps those kernels under control with this simple kitchen trick.


While fresh corn is delicious grilled and eaten straight from the cob, the sweet kernels also make a great addition to summer salads and sides. But, since removing corn from the cob can be a messy job, here’s an easy way to keep those kernels under control.

Kitchen note: Sweet corn season only lasts until early fall, so make sure to pick up a bushel on your next farmers’ market trip.

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2 comments on “How to remove corn from the cob quickly and easily

  1. Excellent tip! Many thanks. One small kvetch: I am a subscriber based in BC. We have fantastic Fraser Valley, Cowichan Valley, Peace River Valley and Kootenay corn, to name but four that instantly came to mind. I’m sure PEI and Nova Scotia and Quebec have prized corn-growing areas as well. Please try to remember that before typing in “Ontario” for summer fruit and vegetable recipes. Thank you!


  2. Works well but I did notice a slight foo fa there.
    What happens if you are shakey?
    I live on PEI and our sweet corn is still selling well.


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