10 amazingly easy risotto recipes

Master our easy method for classic risotto and whip up endless variations of this creamy comfort food – whether you’re going for family casual or a dressed-up dinner party.


4 comments on “10 amazingly easy risotto recipes

  1. Why can’t you post a page with ALL the recipes listed on it, where you can click on a link to load the individual recipe? It is extremely annoying to have to click the arrow 10 times to see each recipe and discover you have no interest in any of them. It makes more sense to be able to see them all at a glance, and only go to the ones you want to see. I have stopped looking at your recipes that are formatted this way.


  2. I agree. I find it very frustrating that Chatelaine does this for many of it’s articles. Why can’t everything load on to one page so that I can simply scroll through? It is very time-consuming to have to click the next arrow continually. Especially on a mobile-device. Please stop using this arrow function and post everything on one page.


  3. I agree too. The format is not user friendly.


  4. I agree with all of the posted comments. I would have thought that the recipe would at least be on the same page as the picture. I’m not really looking for pictures of risotto, rather the recipes behind them. This method of posting Chatelaine articles is why I rarely look at Chatelaine on-line. A web architect would go a long with this magazine.


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