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Cookie decorating: How to stripe peppermint-meringue kisses. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)


What you need:

  • #7 round tip
  • Red and green gel food colouring
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Piping bag

Get set up:
Fit a piping bag with a #7 round tip. Rest piping back in a tall drinking glass. Fold top edges of bag halfway down around the outside of the glass. Tip: Gel food colouring works best and will not seep into the meringue mixture.

Paint it:
Dip skewer or brush into red gel food colouring. Paint a long thin stripe from inside of piping tip to halfway up the piping bag. Paint another stripe on the opposite side of bag. Dip another skewer or brush into green gel food colouring. Paint a long thin stripe, between the 2 red stripes, to halfway up the piping bag, as before. Repeat on opposite side. You should have alternate red and green stripes.

Fill it: 
Fill painted bag with meringue. Pipe 1-in. kisses about 2-in. apart on baking sheets. Bake according to recipe instructions.

Red and green striped peppermint kisses

Tip: Fine-tipped decorating brushes can be purchased at Bulk Barn or baking supply stores. Wash and dry after using. Keep them for other baking projects.

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Peppermint meringue kisses


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