Get out of town: People who travel are healthier

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Make the most of extra time off. It’s good for your health! Studies show regular globetrotters are less likely to suffer from heart disease and depression and are more productive on the job after a stress-relieving holiday break.

2 comments on “Get out of town: People who travel are healthier

  1. This is stupid. It doesn’t prove that traveling makes people healthy. It does not prove anything at all. It could just as easily mean that healthy people are more likely to travel than unhealthy people.


  2. Sounds like you can’t travel or don’t travel, but the more you travel the healthier you get. The only time it does not apply is for those who swill at the cruise ship trough, or they over eat at the all-inclusive resort buffets. If you are out experiencing other cultures you are provifding your body a mental and a physical break, which is healthy.


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