How hitting the gym can boost your salary

A recent study finds women who hit the gym regularly earn more money than those who don’t.



Cash in with your next cardio session? That’s right! New research reveals hitting the gym can boost your salary. “Women who exercise at least three times a week can earn about 10 percent more than those who don’t,” says the study’s lead author, Vasilios D. Kosteas. That’s around an extra $80 a week, based on a $40,000 annual salary! How does a higher heart rate lead to a higher pay rate? Kosteas says exercise increases energy, fine-tunes brain function and boosts confidence and mood, leading to improved workplace performance.

Try it today: Put more money in the bank by starting each day with an energizing early-morning workout, and keep that good feeling going with a power walk at lunch.

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  1. I am all in favour of exercise, but the study cited above does not prove that exercise boosts a person’s income. The study does not show cause and effect. The study could just as easily be interpreted as showing that people with higher salaries are more likely to exercise. Not the other way around. With the exception of the article about the Mediterranean diet and a healthy mental state, I have noticed that every time that Chatelaine cites a study they assume cause and effect. Have none of your writers ever taken a class on statistics. This is really getting annoying.


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