How to burn 2,080 calories over the holidays

Try one, or all, of these 12 activities to burn mega-calories without even knowing it.

Produced by Alanna Glassman and Lora Grady 0

Woman Building a Snowman
With all the eggnog, turkey and chocolates that abound this time of year, why not burn some extra calories with these activities:

Wrapping gifts:
50 calories/hr

Baking or cooking: 100 calories/hr

Decorating: 250 calories/hr

Hanging lights: 250 calories/hr

Building a snowman: 250 calories/hr

Ice-skating: 300-600 calories/hr

Shopping: Leisurely browsing – 150/hr; Frantically scrounging – 325/hr

Dancing: 425 calories/hr

Sweeping up pine needles: 425 calories/hr

Tobogganing: 450 calories/hr

Showshoeing: 550 calories/hr

Family hockey: 600 calories/hr



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