Writers Guidelines

Chatelaine is Canada’s biggest, best women’s magazine. For over 80 years we’ve been delivering all the content Canadian women want, whether it’s about health, current events, food, social issues, decor or fashion and beauty. Our roster of contributors include award-winning professionals, but sometimes we get a compelling pitch from a promising new writer. No matter who they are, though, all contributors must meet Chatelaine’s exacting standards.

About the Magazine

Chatelaine hits newsstands once a month. We talk about what Canadian women talk about, and that means we want smart articles about everything from politics to engaging profiles to first-person narratives. The magazine is organized into five sections: Style and Beauty, Home, Health, Life and Food. Within those sections we have stories of different lengths and formats: briefs, how-tos, features, photo essays and packages. Feature articles are usually about big ideas (social issues, controversies, culture, crime, etc.), while the Health section covers the latest news and studies, gives fitness and workout tips and explores hot-button issues and the Home section is the place to go for inspirational décor ideas, clutter busting tips and quick, crafty projects. Our readers are mostly women, and largely between the ages of 25 and 54. We’re a national magazine, though, so there’s lots of diversity: they may be married or single, living in Truro or Toronto, high-powered lawyers or homemakers. A successful article will be read–and enjoyed–by all of them. Successful articles will also adhere to our tone–clever, knowledgeable and just a bit saucy.

How to Pitch

First, read us. Check out back issues and get a feel for our style, tone and content. We expect pitches that are tailored to the magazine, so please don’t send us pitches that are also under consideration at other magazines. Keep in mind our lead time is between four and six months, so pitches must be submitted well in advance of publication while still remaining timely and current. Send us a one-page query letter outlining your idea. We receive hundreds of pitches a month and just don’t have the time to figure out how an article could work for the magazine, so we need your query letter to tell us. It should note whether you’re pitching for the magazine or the website, clearly and concisely explain your idea, why it’s a good fit for the magazine, what section it should go in and what format it will take. Chatelaine does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Please don’t send us completed articles or query letters for completed articles. We prefer to receive pitches by email. Submit to letters@chatelaine.rogers.com. Your query letter can be included in the body of your email, but please attach or link us to at least two pieces of previously published writing. Though we strive to respond to queries in a timely manner, we receive a high volume of submissions and it may take between six and eight weeks to hear back from us. You will receive a response whether we decide to commission your article or not, so please do not follow up on queries until at least eight weeks have elapsed. No phone calls, please.

Upon Acceptance

If we decide to commission your article, you will be contacted by one of our editors who will send you a contract that specifies the direction of the article, your deadline and fee and what rights we are buying. When writing your story, use Canadian statistics and experts whenever possible. And keep in mind Canada’s cultural diversity when approaching those experts, or other sources.

Fact Checking

As every single article in Chatelaine is rigorously fact-checked, we require writers to submit comprehensive checking packages. These should include sources for all statistics, studies, etc. You must also include a phone number and/or email address for all interview subjects. Thank you for your interest in Chatelaine – we look forward to receiving your pitch!

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