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An hour long yoga class is great – but when you just can’t make it work, you don’t have to go without. Here, yoga practitioner Catalina Moraga guides you through 10-minute yoga routines designed for a busy day.

Yoga to help wake you up

Catalina says: “Before you venture into your day, join me for this morning yoga sequence, exploring joint mobilizations and strength building postures, to settle your awareness in the body and breath, and to meet your day with a greater sense of clarity, invigoration and joy.”


Yoga for people with desk jobs

Catalina says: “This sequence addresses tensions in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs and feet caused by prolonged sitting. Explore how this practice can help you navigate the rest of your day with more vitality.”

Yoga to help with wrist strain

Catalina says: “Weight bearing on the hands is a key feature of many yoga postures and sequences. This is also a great sequence to help relieve strain in the hands, particularly from too much texting, keyboard and mouse work.”


A yoga routine to help you sleep

Catalina says: “This calming, meditative sequence will help promote restful, regenerative sleep. This sequence includes gentle stretches to release tensions in the neck, shoulders and spine, breath awareness meditations and guided relaxation.”

Catalina Moraga is the Co-Director of the Spirit Loft Movement & Yoga Centre in Toronto, where she teaches yoga, movement and mindfulness practices.

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